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The Pink Lady Brooch
The Pink Lady Brooch
This year, runways and fashion mags - and therefore the great British public -  have taken insect jewellery to their hearts and bees and bugs of all shapes and sizes have been at the centre of a totally new fashion craze where the jewelled  bug reigns supreme.   In this stunning brooch Miss P. Mantiss -  aka the Pink Lady -  poses for the camera in green shades and pink and purple outfit with contrasting leggings of Swarovski crystal covering her exceptionally long legs.  Obviously a model of health and beauty, Miss Mantis takes her close-up with all the attitude of a prima donna.  And in real life, that's exactly what she is!  Consider these facts about the Praying Mantis.   
The word mantis comes from the Greek mantikos, for soothsayer or prophet.  And when you look at the Pink Lady, she does look rather spiritual and mysterious with her gangly forelegs clasped together as if they're in prayer.  But beware, she's not angelic, those prayerful forelegs are will capture prey in a nano-second.  She's also exotic, living mostly in the tropics.  And she is unique and superior in her abilities, being as the only insect that can turn the head 180 degrees.  Then,  of course, there's her famous sexual escapades that get so amorous, her mate might lose his life pleasing her!   Altogether, this is a totally big, bold,  OTT brooch that will be an absolute talking point wherever you go, because it's so blatantly weird and vivid in colour and attitude.  What's more, when you relay the facts about this extra-ordinary creature people will not only be impressed with the brooch, they'll be impressed with you!  Sizes:  Width: 7cm (2¾")  Length 9cm (3½")   Silver finish.
Price: £19.99
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